A beautiful puzzle game featuring aqueducts


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Aqueducts is a puzzle game where your objective is to construct aqueducts that will take the water from the beginning of the level to the end. To do so, you'll have to rotate the pieces of the aqueduct to connect them. In some levels, you'll only have a certain amount of time, though usually you'll be able to pause the level and take your time to calculate each move you take.

In Aqueducts, you'll find more than 20 different levels with increasing difficulty. In some levels, you'll have extra and unnecessary pieces, while in others, you'll have to close the aqueduct in different or creative ways, etc.

Aqueducts is a game with a very simple concept, lovely graphics, and an addictive gameplay. But to get three stars on every level, you'll have to calculate each move down to the very last detail.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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